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Caudwell & Co was started in 2004 by Edward Caudwell with the intention of providing a complete property service above all others in the Derbyshire market. 

Edward Caudwell was born and brought up locally but after the closure of Caudwell’s Mill in 1978 found that he had to look elsewhere for a career. He therefore spent seventeen years working at the top end of the London Residential market gaining great experience in what it means to offer a good service to buyers, seller, tenants and landlords.

Having returned home to his roots in the summer of 2002 Edward continued to act for a couple of clients looking to buy in the London market but also took on board a number of clients wishing to buy in Derbyshire. Since the summer of 2002 Edward Caudwell has been involved with the Derbyshire property market on a daily basis and in July 2004 opened his offices on a prominent corner site in the market town of Bakewell in Derbyshire’s Peak District.

In April 2019 Edward recognised the growing market trend of on-line property searching and was the first Derbyshire estate agent to take the business solely on-line. The savings from closing the Bakewell office have been reinvested into Caudwell & Co’s on line presence, social media, public relations and focused networking.

Caudwell & Co are now offering a personal service specialising in the sale and acquisition of exceptional country houses, estates and prime town and village houses with the emphasis on honest, integrity and good old fashioned hard work.


The London Office was set up in 1992 to provide back up and service to 34 leading provincial Firms specialising in the sale, purchase, rental and management of all types of property predominately in the country. The Group, with 167 Offices across England and Scotland, markets over 25,000 houses per annum. 

Based in the heart of central London, our street level Offices in Pall Mall are ideally located to place properties in front of both National and International buyers. The London Office holds full sales particulars of specific properties marketed by the Firms so that enquiries, either general or specific can be handled promptly and where necessary, details can be sent by courier or faxed to the buyer in their London office or at their London home. In this way, we ensure that our clients property information is put in front of potential buyers as swiftly as possible and do whatever we can to ensure they are always top of the pile!

It is our objective to assume the role of the London arm for our provincial country agents. We are also involved in the buying and selling of properties both nationally and internationally in areas not covered by one of our participating agents.

One of The London Office’s strengths is its ability to access a powerful mailing list created by the combination of the local firms applicants.

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